Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity

The Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity is a grant presented annually to a distinguished faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley based on outstanding contributions in enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice – through research, teaching, and/0r university and public service.

Criteria: Faculty who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence through contributions in one or more of the following areas: advancing equitable access to education; public service that addresses the needs of diverse populations; research in their area of expertise that highlights inequities and seeks to resolve them; leadership toward making academic units or programs more inclusive; and/or leadership on campus diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

  • Deadline for Nominations: November 17, 2023
  • Award: $10,000 placed into a departmental account to be used at the discretion of the recipient.
  • Administered by: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion.

CAAIEE artwork 2016

Art: Shirley Li, 2016 CAAIEE

Purpose of the Award

The University of California, Berkeley is committed to excellence, equity, inclusion, diversity, and justice in every facet of its mission. The Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity acknowledges faculty members whose outstanding leadership in research, education, and service — to the public or to the university —have advanced campus efforts to build an inclusive environment, serve the needs of our increasingly diverse state, and create a more just and equitable society.


The criteria for the award are based on those in the University of California Academic Personnel Manual (APM 210-d) for appointment or promotion of faculty members. The policy states: "These contributions to diversity can take a variety of forms including efforts to advance equitable access to education, public service that addresses the needs of California's diverse population, or research in a scholar's area of expertise that highlights inequalities.” While nominees will usually be members of the Academic Senate, other long-term faculty may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Illustrations of demonstrated leadership in these areas may include:

  • Mentoring undergraduate or graduate students who are members of groups who are historically or currently underrepresented in their field and/or whose background and experiences contribute to campus diversity.
  • Engaging in innovative research that enhances our understanding of race, class, gender, culture and other identities affecting access and opportunity in our society.
  • Creating curriculum to enable the development of student intercultural competence, community and global engagement, antiracist practice, and/or social justice efforts. 
  • Implementing effective strategies to address the barriers that have prevented full participation of students from historically or currently underrepresented groups in higher education and the professoriate.
  • Developing or partnering with academic preparation or academic support programs that enhance the educational opportunities of underserved populations.
  • Exceptional sustained committee or administrative service that has significantly enhanced policy or processes that advance the principles of equity, inclusion, belonging and justice on the UC Berkeley campus.
  • Crucial contributions to campus culture, practices, or programs that have had a demonstrable and important effect in helping the campus achieve its diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and justice goals.
  • Establishing partnerships with business, industry and/or community that respond to mutual needs to foster diversity and equity in teaching, research, and public service.
  • Serving activities or organizations related to equity, inclusion, diversity and justice at the regional, statewide or national level.

The Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity honors leadership in research, teaching and public or university service and is intended to encourage continued success. Nominations, therefore, should primarily emphasize recent (within the last five years) concrete accomplishments in these areas, particularly those from which other faculty, departments or programs can benefit. The nomination should highlight the extent of involvement and the overall contributions of the candidate.

Nomination Process

Submit the following nomination materials electronically to Vice Chancellor Dania Matos at Please submit all items together in a single, combined PDF file.

  1. A letter of nomination from a department chair or faculty member, paying particular attention to how the nominee's activities reflect the criteria noted above, of no more than four single-spaced pages.
  2. A letter of support from a Dean.
  3. Two letters of recommendation from those who can give testimony to the extent and effectiveness of the nominee's contributions.
  4. A curriculum vitae demonstrating the track record of the nominee.
  5. A brief description of the work the nominee is doing and how the award funds will be used to enhance and continue their efforts, of no more than four single-spaced pages.
  6. Any supporting documents as appropriate (e.g., media coverage, teaching evaluations).

Award Ceremony

Each year recipients of the Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity are honored with a ceremony and reception. This year's reception will be held in Spring 2024.

Information and Assistance

If you have questions about the award or the selection process, please contact:

Amy Scharf
Director of Faculty and Departmental Diversity Initiatives
Division of Equity & Inclusion