Reports & publications

UC Berkeley Basic Needs Report 2016-17

UC Berkeley Basic Needs Security Report 2016-17

A new report looking at the financial, food, and housing (basic needs) insecurity of students at UC Berkeley and what needs to be done to solve this systemic issue.

UC Berkeley Housing Survey Preliminary Finding, Fall 2017

Housing Survey Preliminary Findings - Fall 2017

From the Office of Planning & Analysis. This report looks at the housing insecurity of UC Berkeley students, the high cost of housing in the East Bay, and identifies nine potential sites for development.

UCOP Total Cost of Attendance Working Group Final Report, November 2017

Total Cost of Attendance Work Group Final Report - Nov. 2017

The UC Regent's policy, on undergraduate financial aid calls for making the cost of attendance for California undergraduates, which includes tuition, fees, and expenses for housing, food, educational materials, and transportation, affordable. The Total Cost of Attendance Working Group examined whether the Education Financing Model, as currently designed, is achieving the goal of the Regents policy or whether the EFM needs to be modified. The Working Group met six times over the course of seven months, invited outside speakers, reviewed data about UC and its competitors, and drew several conclusions outlined here.

Catalysts for Change

Catalysts for Change - 2015

A new report featuring Innovations in Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity at Berkeley.

Diversity Snapshot Thumbnail

Berkeley Diversity Snapshot

Learn about how UC Berkeley has made important progress over the past 10 years in the areas of increasing undergraduate, graduate, and faculty diversity, narrowing achievement gaps, and institutionalizing work to improve equity, inclusion, and diversity.


Taskforce on Multicultural Student Development

Learn more about how the Taskforce on Multicultural Student Development answers questions about the needs of multicultural and multi-identity students at UC Berkeley.


Taskforce on Undocumented Members of the On-Campus Community

Learn about how the Taskforce on Undocumented Members of the On-campus Community identifies and articulates the issues and needs for undocumented members of the UC Berkeley on-campus community.

UC Board of Regents

University of California Statement on Diversity

Read more about the University of California's commitment to achieving diversity among its student bodies and among its employees in race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geographic region, and more.