Strategic Plan

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"UC Berkeley has always been motivated by serving the public good, and I can see no higher ideal than working for equity and inclusion for all."

— Robert J. Birgeneau, Berkeley Chancellor 2004 – 2013

Pathway to Excellence, Berkeley’s Strategic Plan for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, renews the campus's commitment to California, and to the world, to provide fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all. This is a commitment that lies at the heart of Berkeley’s mission as a public university, and is a continuation of the campus’s longtime role in advancing principles and policies for a democratic society.

California's uniquely diverse demographics, combined with Berkeley's authentic desire to serve and learn from every sector of society, offers the University a chance to craft new models of institutional change. Our goal is to transform UC Berkeley into an equitable and inclusive academy of the highest caliber – one that fully honors the diversity of our students, faculty and staff, expands possibilities for those from underserved backgrounds and communities, and creates new fields of inquiry, knowledge, and exploration, with global reach and implications.

Top-level Strategies

Responsive Research, Teaching, & Public Service

Broaden the creation of ideas and knowledge on equity, inclusion, and diversity, making contributions to the body of scholarship, as well as to the campus and society.

Expanded Pathways for Access & Success

Create a critical mass of talented students, faculty, and staff that will fully represent California’s excellence and diversity and provide an environment in which all can thrive academically and professionally.

Engaging & Healthy Campus Climate

Create and sustain a healthy campus climate by providing the conditions necessary for all campus community members to feel welcomed, supported, included, and valued by the University and each other.