Diversity Data

Background image: Student in Moffitt Library wearing a hajib.

The University of California, Berkeley is deeply committed to issues of equity and inclusion, and has long worked to fulfill its mission of supporting full access and success for California’s diverse population.

Our data efforts encompass the following areas.

Campus Climate

How we're doing

Do members of the UC Berkeley community feel comfortable on campus? Do they feel that the groups to which they belong are respected at this campus? How many of them have experienced exclusionary behavior or heard negative or stereotypical remarks about various groups? How has climate changed over time — is it improving?

Campus Representation

Who's here

What are the demographics by race/ethnicity, gender, and more of students, faculty, and staff? How are these changing over time — which groups have increased representation and which groups have declined? What are the demographics of the pipelines leading to UC Berkeley?

Campus Progress

Who's succeeding

Are students graduating from UC Berkeley? Are staff and faculty advancing in their careers? Are there differences between different groups? How has success changed over time — are the gaps narrowing?