Message Regarding Recent DACA Termination

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Message from the Director to our Students:

Today, many of our graduate students are reeling from this morning’s announcement on DACA. I want all our students to know that we in the Office for Graduate Diversity remain committed to welcoming and supporting the students that will be affected by this unfortunate and shortsighted decision.

I want our DACA graduate student community to know that my team and I stand in solidarity to support each of you. Please count on us to provide a kind, compassionate and a safe place where you will be heard and supported in any way we can.

As we face these difficult days, please know that The Office for Graduate Diversity will continue to work closely with the Division of Equity & Inclusion, the Undocumented Student Program and the Chancellor’s office to ensure that you are welcomed and feel valued here.  Together, we will continue to advocate on your behalf to ensure you successfully complete your studies at UC Berkeley.

While we may not have all the answers at this time, we can help you and other DACA graduate students find them.  Please know that we are your partners, and will work hard to help you to access helpful resources.

Please take care, know your value and worth and that we care deeply about you.


Abby Rincón

What We Know Now (as of Sep 5, 2017)

  • If a student's DACA expires on/before March 5, 2018, they have until October 5, 2017 to file a renewal and get two more years.

  • For those whose DACA expire later than March 5, 2018, they are no longer eligible to file for renewals.

  • No new initial applications will be processed if it hasn't been filed already, as of today (Sep 5, 2017).

  • No new advance parole requests will be granted as of today. Pending applications will be denied, and money refunded.

  • Starting March 6, 2018, DACA work permits will start to expire, and people will start losing work authorization, and become unlawfully present.

Berkeley students whose DACAs expire on/before March 5, 2018 should make appointments to renew their DACAs at More appointment dates will be made available soon.

Message to our Faculty

If you are a faculty member at UC Berkeley and would like to sign a University of California System-Wide Faculty Statement Against the Suspension of DACA, please open this link: