Chicanx Latinx Taskforce

The taskforce is charged with addressing campus climate issues including mapping, assessing, and providing recommendations, and giving strategies to campus administrators to address the various needs of the Chicanx and Latinx communities on the Berkeley campus, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, alumni, and staff. More than 300 people voiced an interest in being part of the taskforce. The group held their first convening in March 2016.

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For more information, please see the UC Berkeley Chincan@ Latin@ Community Report.

Committee Members

  • Genaro Padilla (Taskforce Chair), Professor and Chair of English
  • Oscar DuBon, Vice Chancellor for the Division of Equity & Inclusion
  • Lisa Garcia Bedolla, Chancellor's Professor in Education and Political Science
  • Violeta Alvarez, Executive Director – Berkeley Underground Scholars
  • Myrtha Ortiz, Undergraduate Student – City and Regional Planning
  • Jesus Cipriano, Undergraduate Student – Business
  • Miriam Solis, Graduate Student – City and Regional Planning
  • Jose Villagrana, Graduate Student – English
  • Alejandra Escoto, University Relations
  • Cruz Grimaldo, Associate Director for Financial Aid
  • Alberto Ledesma, Graduate Diversity Dir. for the Division of Arts and Humanities
  • Lupe Gallegos-Diaz, Director, Chicanx Latinx Student Development
  • Michael Ray Trevino, Cal Alumni
  • Marissa Vasquez, Alumni (Co-chiar for Chicano Laitno Alumni Association)
  • Andrew Eppig, Division of Equity & Inclusion

Initial work focused on the campus staff

  • Committee felt necessary to start with staff issues and concerns because of the letter Chancellor Dirks sent out to the campus community stating that 500 position would be eliminated and felt urgency.
  • Created survey for all Chicanx Latinx staff to see what were the three major issues for them.
  • Outreach via - Alianza, other ethnic based identity staff associations, brown spaces and other campus networks to get the survey out.
  • Held a staff town Hall meeting on May 19, 2016.
  • Wrote a letter to Chancellor regarding Chicanx Latinx staff issues/concerns.

Staff concerns survey results

  • Roughly 3 of 5 Chicanx Latinx staff surveyed were concerned about the lack of Chicanx Latinx staff, student and faculty representation across campus and in particular among top campus administrators.
  • About half of Chicanx Latinx staff surveyed were interested in better opportunities for promotion and better salaries.
  • Many Chicanx Latinx staff were worried that they might lose their jobs as a result of the current staff reduction initiative.

Read CL Taskforce June 29 Letter to Chancellor and Staff Survey Results.

Recommendations to the Chancellor

  • Operationalize “position control” in such a manner as to ensure that there is no disparate impact on Chicanx Latinx (CL) staff.
  • Create an equity structure for staff hiring modeled after that already in place for faculty hiring.
  • Demonstrate campus commitment to decisively increasing the number and percentage of CL staff at all levels.
  • Develop a concrete campus leadership succession plan that takes advantage of the considerable talent and skills already present within our Chicanx Latinx (CL) staff community and ensures a fair and equitable process.
  • Create a dedicated Chincanx Latinx (CL) standing committee empowered to tackle issues facing the CL campus community with authority to hold entities responsible for outcomes accountable.
  • Appoint CL candidates to the existing vacancies on campus.

Read Chancellor's response to CL Taskforce June 29 Letter

Next steps

  • Surveys for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty/administrators  
  • Town Hall Meetings:  undergraduate students -  October 6, 2016, 6-8 pm, Multicultural Center; graduate students -October 6, 2016, 6-8 pm, Multicultural Center; faculty/administrators - TBA   
  • Survey Chicanx Latinx alumni.
  • Letters to Chancellor for each group and a final report with all data and recommendations to be worked on by standing committee. These letters and reports will set the framework and agenda for the UCB Chicanx Latinx Initiative.