Taskforce on Multicultural Student Development


The charge of the taskforce was to provide input and recommendations to Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau on the following questions:

  1. What are the current and future met and unmet needs for advancing equity and inclusion in the area of multicultural and multiple-identity student development, and how they relate to the intersectionalities of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, immigration status, and socio-economic status?
  2. What are the desired outcomes for programs in this area, and what is the best way to assess their success?
  3. What are the best programmatic strategies and structures for delivering these results?
  4. What type and amount of support (resources, funding, staffing, etc.) are needed for success? What is the rationale for these resources?
  5. What roles should advisory groups of students, staff, and/or faculty play in this effort going forward?

The taskforce convened in February 2013. It was chaired by Vice Chancellor Gibor Basri and staffed by the Division of Equity & Inclusion. The group met 9 times over the course of the spring semester. A final report was submitted to the Chancellor in May 2013.


  • Gibor Basri, Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion, Taskforce Chair
  • David Ahn, Assistant Professor, Economics; member Academic Senate committee on Student Diversity and Academic Development
  • Sunny Dae Earle, undergraduate student
  • Glenn DeGuzman, Director of Assessment & Operations in Residential & Student Services Program
  • Roseanne Fong, Director of Undergraduate Advising in the College of Letters & Science
  • Sidronio Jacobo, undergraduate student and ASUC representative
  • Cynthia Ledesma, graduate student and Graduate Assembly representative
  • Klein Lieu, undergraduate student and ASUC Senator
  • Amani Nuru-Jeter, Associate Professor, School of Public Health; member Academic Senate Committee on Status of Women & Ethnic Minorities
  • Eva Rivas, Executive Director of the Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence
  • Fady Shanow, undergraduate student
  • Jere Takahashi, Director, Asian American & Pacific Island Student Development, Lecturer in Ethnic Studies