Support Resources

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Seeking campus support resources? The Supportal site is for people who are new to Berkeley and those who have been here for many years.

It is for anybody who has ever asked the question "Who do I call or where do I go to address this particular concern that I have?" Supportal is intended to be a starting place for the entire Berkeley community to find resources. 

E&I Support Pages

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing support for our students during challenging times, we are evolving our approach to crisis response. Previously, we created individualized support pages for each crisis event, which often contained repetitive resource lists.

Moving forward, rather than maintaining individual pages following a crisis, we are guiding the community to one comprehensive support portal or Supportal. This updated approach aims to provide a more streamlined and accessible array of resources available for our communities whenever needed.

This centralized resource page offers a wide range of support services and information to assist you in navigating challenging situations, ensuring that you have access to the necessary tools and support at any time. If you have suggestions of more resources at add, consider submitting it to the Suggestion Box