2012 - 2013 Projects

Comprehensive College and Career Advising Curriculum

Design and market an online comprehensive college and career advisory curriculum for grades 6-12. This curriculum will provide the resources and structure for schools and communities to strengthen college/career knowledge as a necessary step to increasing college access for low-income, first generation students and families of color. This project aims to market the curriculum to schools and other institutions (in CA and outside of CA), creating a self-sustaining funding source.

Contacts: Gail Kaufman

Engineering Equity: Educational Opportunity Program & Engineering Student Services Partnership

Training of the Engineering Student Services staff in comprehensive academic counseling and practicing a non-traditional admissions yield approach already practiced widely by the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) staff. EOP staff will serve as trainers/coaches/mentors to the ESS staff and director.

Contacts: Julian LedesmaDave Masterson

Expanded Pathways for Undocumented Students at UC Berkeley

The "Climate for Undocumented Students" project from the Center for Race & Gender produced a research paper and an anthology of original writings by current UC Berkeley undocumented students. The CRG will continue to engage in expanding pathways for undocumented students with two new elements:

  1. To engage with local undocumented high school students by conducting a book tour (the anthology), led by the UC Berkeley undocumented student authors, at 5-7 high schools and community colleges with high numbers of immigrant students located in Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, San Jose, East Palo Alto, and San Rafael.
  2. Coordinate a two-day symposium and arts festival by and about undocumented students on February 15-16, 2013 at the International House at UC Berkeley. The symposium will be a day-long discussion among scholars and activists about the politics of immigration and young people, including a discussion of the research report produced by the initial grant. The following grant, the arts festival, UndocuNation, will be held. This is a traveling festival with artists from different racial and sexual backgrounds, immigration history, abd documentation statuses to share art work and cultural interventions about the current immigration crisis in the United States through performances, film excerpts, installations, music, and readings.

Contacts: Alisa Bierria

In Xochitl in Cuicatl: Building the Educational Pipeline for Indigenous Nahua/Mesoamerican Peoples

Create a collaboration with several community organizations that lead Calpullis (dance) groups of Nahua native dances to provide individual tutoring for 30 to 50 middle and high school students who are participants in these dance groups, and to offer workshops for their families on college admissions, financial aid, and college life in general.

Contacts: Oscar Vazquez MenaJuan Francisco Martinez Esteva

Mechanical Engineering Student Ambassador Plan

Hire and train current undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering (ME) to be ambassadors on campus with underrepresented students, within and outside of ME. The "ambassadors" will provide peer counseling and will participate in departmental committees, attend recruitment events, and plan and implement "climate" discussions with faculty, staff and students.

Contacts: Professor George JohnsonShareena Samson

OSMO (Oakland Science & Math Outreach): A Model for Afterschool STEM Learning in Oakland

A university/community/business collaboration to teach math and science skills to middle and high school Oakland Unified School District students using "project-based learning" methods. The students will be taught how to design apps and open-source online learning tools, and then design actual tools that can be marketed on the following topics:

  • Mobile apps and community justice
  • Genetics and the family tree
  • Digital media production and storytelling
  • 3-D modeling with AutoCAD

Contacts: Sepehr Vakil

RISE (Responsibility, Integrity, Strength, Empowerment) Berkeley High School and Chicano/Latino Student Development

Provide mental health training to UC Berkeley undergraduate students who are academic mentors in the RISE program. These mentors will then lead weekly boys/girls groups, focusing during regular RISE tutorial sessions on drug and alcohol abuse, self-image, school pressures, family problems, and varying topics deemed helpful in providing students with knowledge used to overcome adversity. The mentors will act as general academic tutors the rest of the week.

Contacts: Adriana BettiLupe Gallegos-Diaz