Sample department plans

Departments in the planning process often ask to see examples from other units to help in designing their own efforts. On this page, you will find:

  • Sample equity and inclusion plans from academic and administrative units
  • Sample tools created by departments during the planning process
  • Examples of departmental actions in support of equity, inclusion and diversity

Academic Unit Plans

For examples of Academic Department plans, please contact Amy Scharf at

Please note that sample plans are only available to members of UC Berkeley campus departments. 

Sample tools and resources developed by departments

These tools have been created by various campus units as part of their strategic planning process or as a result of it. They are being shared here as resources for the campus. Please see the contact information provided for each tool if you would like more information about it or its use.

Examples of departmental actions

These are some unit-level actions and outcomes related to the strategic planning process from across the Berkeley campus.

  • New diversity director positions and diversity committees
  • Enhanced strategies for recruitment and hiring of diverse faculty
  •  Summer “kickstart” program for women entering STEM courses 
  • New student services or programs for transgender, disabled, and international students
  • Expanded curriculum on diversity, cultural competence, and conflict resolution in professional practice
  • Increased access to professional development opportunities for staff and faculty
  • Additional outreach and partnership with underrepresented scholars
  • New graduate student recruitment materials targeted at underrepresented populations
  • New assessments of student needs and employee satisfaction
  • Improved communication systems and data tracking
  • New “Identity Matters” training and communications initiative