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Faculty Equity Advisors

Each department or school at Berkeley has a Faculty Equity Advisor who helps ensure that diversity and equity are considered in all aspects of the academic mission.

Faculty Equity Advisors are appointed by the department chair or dean. As well as working within their own departments, they participate in a campuswide network to share strategies and collaborate on addressing common challenges.


Faculty and Departmental Diversity Initiatives
Amy Scharf, Director

In response to recent events, many faculty have been asking what they can do to ensure the campus and our nation remain safe and welcoming for people of all backgrounds, identities and communities. Given the country's current political climate, many Berkeley students are experiencing heightened fear, anxiety, and stress over their physical and emotional safety, and a number have recently encountered identity-based harassment. Groups that may feel especially vulnerable at this time include: undocumented students, members of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, women, LGBTQ students, low income students, Muslim students, Jewish students, students with disabilities, and survivors of sexual harassment or sexual violence. Faculty awareness, care, support – and, if needed, intervention – are crucial to ensuring student and community well-being.

Resources for Faculty - Advancing Equity & Inclusion