Ten Demands Presented by the BSU

  • Allocate $300,371 to hire two black admissions staff members who specialize in recruiting black students.
  • Allocate $113,932 for a program director to help with outreach and retention efforts done by student volunteers who say they are overburdened by the work.
  • Hire two black psychologists who understand “the racially hostile campus climate at this university.”
  • Hire two black development advisers to mentor and provide academic guidance for black athletes.
  • Double the budget for the “Getting into Graduate School” mentorship program.
  • Immediately create a committee to recommend, by April 8, ways to aggressively recruit and retain black staff and faculty.
  • Fully fund the American Cultures and Engaged Scholarship program, and hire two staff members for it.
  • Top administrators and black student groups will meet together at least once a semester.