Support for UC Berkeley's community during the war in Ukraine

Monument in Ukraine - Motherland

The Motherland Monument is a statue in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Rostislav Artov/Unsplash)

UC Berkeley stands in support of everyone affected by the war in Ukraine. We recognize the feelings of horror and terror the Ukrainian community must feel watching their homes — and the homes of their loved ones — become the targets of war. We are moved by the heroism and bravery of the Ukrainian people. Many Russian citizens, too, have risked their lives and freedom by standing up to their authoritarian regime and demanding an end to the war. 

Images of war and humanitarian crisis can also be triggering reminders for others, including veterans and former refugees, who have experienced the far-ranging impacts of war.

Leaders in the Division of Equity & Inclusion — and across the campus — are regularly connecting with staff, faculty and Ukrainian, Russian and veteran students, including at a community gathering held on Friday, March 4, 2022. 

Below is a list of messages that have been shared with members of the student body and instructors, as well as Ukrainian and Russian students. Messages include links to support services on campus.

The campus Office of Communications and Public Affairs has covered the conflict extensively in an attempt to build broader understanding and demonstrate support for affected community members. 

March 18, 2022