Campus Statement on Muslim Community Safety

December 14, 2015

Dear Student, Staff, and Community Leaders,

After hearing several reports that Muslim students on the Berkeley campus have recently been subjected to threats and abuse, we want to express our support and concern for members of our Muslim community. We also deeply regret how political rhetoric has been fostering unwarranted hostility towards our fellow citizens, neighbors, and friends based solely on their faith.

As members of an academic community, united in its commitment to the public good, we feel a unique responsibility to confront prejudice, hatred, and bias. Whether we are confronting anti-Islamic words and deeds; racism; or hostility and discrimination based on religion, gender, or sexual orientation—these are all antithetical to what we stand for both personally and as members of Berkeley’s leadership team.

At this point, it remains unclear if the individuals responsible for recent incidents directed at our Muslim students are affiliated with the campus. We urge those with information about these recent incidents to come forward so that we can begin a process of holding accountable those who are responsible.

We will strive to continue making UC Berkeley an inclusive space where we all can thrive. Access to many of the campus's equity resources can be found here. We invite and urge members of the campus community to seek opportunities to engage in dialogue that uplifts us all equally, celebrates our differences, and supports the shared values that advance the greater good.


Nicholas B. Dirks

Claude M. Steele
Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost

Na’ilah Suad Nasir
Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion