April is Sexual Violence Prevention Month

April 1, 2024

Dear campus community,

April is Sexual Violence Prevention Month, also known as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Before sharing resources, insights, and calls to action, affirming the survivors in our community must come first: Your well-being, dignity, and sense of belonging matter deeply to us, and you are valued members of the UC Berkeley community.

Nationally, this month’s theme is “Building Communities.” By building a strong community on our campus, we can work together to reduce the likelihood of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. Learn more about our #weCARE prevention campaign and how to get involved. Preventing sexual violence is possible. It takes reflection and action on the part of individuals, communities, and organizations alike.

UC Berkeley is committed to a culture that affirms consent and does not tolerate sexual violence. Please remember that:

  • Great sex starts and ends with consent

  • Most people at Berkeley want to intervene when noticing sexual violence & sexual harassment (Source: 2018 UC Berkeley MyVoice Survey)

  • Healthy relationships respect boundaries

All month long, the campus community is hosting events to create spaces for survivors as they heal while sharing information about what the rest of us can all do to prevent sexual violence. 

Support and resources for survivors:

For urgent help, call the PATH to Care Center 24/7 Care Line at (510) 643-2005. Contact the main office line at (510) 642-1988 for inquiries and scheduling. The National Sexual Assaultand Domestic Violence Hotlines offer chat-based services if finding privacy is a challenge.

Resources for allies, colleagues, and friends:

  • If someone tells you they have been impacted by sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, or sexual violence and harassment, you can respond supportively and connect them to a trusted resource. All students, staff, and faculty can access the PATH to Care Center

  • You can support survivors simply by believing and listening to them. 

We encourage you to attend events, take action, and build your communities of support not only in April but throughout the year. Together, we can create a campus culture rooted in consent, respect, and care for one another.

This message was written in consultation with Melissa Kwon, Associate Director for Prevention, PATH to Care Center. We thank her for her expertise.

In community,

Stephen C. Sutton
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 

Dania Matos
Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion 

Sharon Inkelas
Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Campus Welfare and Deputy Compliance Officer

Kellie Brennan she/her/hersAssistant Vice Chancellor of Civil Rights, Whistleblower & Clery ComplianceTitle IX Officer

Kelsey Hoie Ferrell
Interim Director, PATH to Care Center

christine (cici) ambrosio 
Director of Women’s Resources, Gender Equity Resource Center 

Victoria Plaut
Vice Provost for the Faculty 

Eugene Whitlock 
Chief People and Culture Officer

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