2018-19 Welcome Message

August 30, 2018

Dear members of the Cal community,


As the new academic year gets underway, I reflect on our progress over the past year to make Cal more inclusive, equitable and responsive as well as on the important work ahead this year including, but by no means limited to, addressing basic needs, advancing campus-wide accessibility, and strengthening trust and accountability in the institution – its structures, its practices, and its leadership.

Chancellor Christ has made diversity and inclusion vital parts of her vision for the campus. The work of the Division of Equity & Inclusion is rooted in this vision of fairness and access to opportunities and achievement and will continue to engage the campus community in living by our Principles of Community.


Building a diverse, inclusive and equitable campus is not just about the numbers – the extent to which our faculty, staff, students, and campus leaders reflect the rich diversity of the state, the nation, and beyond. This work is grounded in fostering a campus where every person, regardless of their identity, can bring their full, authentic self to the academic enterprise to discover, share, and thrive. Our campus must be one in which each of us sees ourselves reflected in the landscape, the curriculum, the leadership, the community, and the issues we interrogate. These qualities nurture belonging, engagement, and excellence at a public university.


In my role I think each day about how I can be in partnership and ally-ship to make Cal our campus. My focus this year will include supporting Chancellor Christ in launching the Diversity Initiative that will involve the African American Initiative and a framework to achieving designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution, codifying a long-term strategy for academic accommodations with the Disabled Students’ Program, and enacting a plan toward the establishment of a Native American center. Needless to say, the division will continue to pursue other equally important work in support of the entire campus community.


This is a long-term investment and the Division of Equity & Inclusion cannot do the work alone. Every students’, staff and faculty members’ experience at Cal will be richer and more rewarding as we become a more diverse and inclusive institution. I hope you will join us this year in making this priority a reality.


In partnership,


Oscar Dubón

Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion

Division of Equity & Inclusion