Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month - A Message from Vice Chancellor Oscar Dubón

September 15th-October 15th marks the annual celebration and we honor and recognize the diverse diaspora and histories, cultures, contributions, struggles, and triumphs of Latina America and its people.  This national celebration acknowledges, coincides with, and commemorates the independence days of Latin American countries in September.

While it is important to celebrate and lift the Latinx communities, it is equally important to acknowledge the current atrocities waged against Indigenous, Afro Latinos, Queer, and the Latinx diaspora in the form of immigration detentions, separations of innocent children from their families, national rhetoric that demonizes, polarize, and vilifies them. 

As we mark Latinx Heritage Month during the Coronovirus pandemic and on the heels of the upcoming November elections let us also take time to reflect, strategize, and take collective action to change policies and practices that disadvantage and disparately impact Latinx communities. As a campus, we are on track to becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), through the work of the Office of Undergraduate Admission, the Division of Equity & Inclusion, in partnership with the HSI Task Force, Chicanx Latinx Standing Committee, Chicano Latino Faculty Association, Chicanx/Latinx Student Development, Racies, Graduate Association of Latinx students, and Alianza to name a few. Just last year, intentional efforts were made to connect with Latinx applicants and their family members through the launch of Berkeley En Español and this year holding a week of virtual webinars for the Familia Orientation Week Estan en Buenas Manos. We celebrate admitting our largest Latinx/Chicanx class to date (21%). 

As a division, we contribute in multiple ways to making the campus’ priority of becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution by 2027 a reality through our services that are identity affirming, culturally relevant, and intentional towards serving the holistic needs of Latinx communities. There are a plethora of virtual programs, activities, and events taking place this entire month. Click on the program and organization links above and visit E&I’s Latinx Heritage Month webpage for more information. You can also learn more about the events that have influenced the Latinx experience at Berkeley through this timeline. We invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn, commune, and work in solidarity with the Latinx community.

Best regards,

Oscar Dubón
Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion