Climate of Equity and Inclusion

Faculty Equity Advisors serve as a resource for promoting a positive department climate by contributing to policies and practices that support equity, inclusion and belonging, such as climate surveys and effective responses to identified climate issues.

  • Help to foster an inclusive environment for welcoming and socializing new staff, faculty, and graduate students to the academic unit.

  • Work with staff, faculty, and students to ensure that policies practices, and procedures in the unit foster a safe, equitable, and respectful environment.

  • Serve as a resource for addressing DEIBJ issues that affect the unit’s cultural climate. Consult with the chair/dean or appropriate campus partners when necessary to deal with challenging problems. Please note that major issues should not be dealt with by the Equity Advisor alone.

  • Review climate surveys and other relevant data when available. Share such data with the faculty in the department/school. Participate in plans for change, if necessary.