Asian American and Pacific Islander Standing Committee

Asian American and Pacific Islander Standing Committee (AAPISC)


The work of AAPISC is a comprehensive effort by Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni to assess and provide recommendations on how to realize for members of our community the stated mission of the UC Berkeley Division of Equity & Inclusion “to create a campus where all Berkeley students, faculty, and staff feel respected, supported, and valued.”


The objectives of AAPISC shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • Improve the recruitment and retention rates of underrepresented AAPI ethnic groups at both the undergraduate and graduate student levels;
  • Develop and strengthen existing social, personal, and academic support systems for AAPI students;
  • Expand existing professional development and career enhancement opportunities and resources for AAPI staff and faculty;
  • Increase the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of those occupying critical campus senior management positions; and
  • Ensure the continued growth and vitality of teaching and research efforts by and about AAPIs on campus.

Committee Members

  • Oscar Dubón - Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion
    Executive Sponsor
  • Marcia Gee Riley  - Director and Ombudsperson, Ombuds Office for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees
  • Lisa Hirai Tsuchitani - Continuing Lecturer, Department of Ethnic Studies

  • Lilia Brossus - Undergraduate student, Social Welfare and Legal Studies
  • Christopher Jackson - Graduate student, Chemistry
  • James Kato - Assistant Director, Center for Support and Intervention
  • Sailakshmi Senthil Kumar - Graduate student, Folklore
  • Eunice Kwon - Director, Asian Pacific American Student Development Office
  • Nancy Liu - Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Djenilin Mallari - Assistant Director/Diversity Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Michael Mascarenhas - Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management
  • Steven Medeiros - Graduate student, Public Policy
  • Kusha Murarka - Staff Psychologist, University Health Services
  • Michael Omi - Associate Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies
  • Julie Thao - Undergraduate student, Asian American & Asian Diaspora Studies
  • Winston Tseng - Lecturer, Department of Ethnic Studies and School of Public Health 
  • Walter Wong - University Registrar, Office of the Registrar

Committee Member Bios


What is the UC Berkeley Asian American and Pacific Islander Standing Committee (AAPISC)?

On May 31st, 2018 --  upon the request of a coalition of Asian American Pacific Islander students, staff, and faculty representing the Asian Pacific American Student Development Office (APASD), the Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance (APASA), and the Asian American & Asian Diaspora Studies Program (AAADS) -- Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion (VCEI) Oscar Dubón agreed to serve as the executive sponsor of an inaugural advisory body dedicated to raising greater awareness about and developing strategic solutions to address the diversity and complexity of needs and interests of AAPI undergraduate and graduate student, staff, and faculty members on campus.  A year later on May 8th, 2019, the Office of the VCEI hosted the first meeting of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Standing Committee (AAPISC).

What is the purpose of AAPISC?

AAPISC advocates for increased visibility and understanding of the rich and complex experiences and needs of AAPI communities on the UC Berkeley campus.  When measured only by aggregate enrollment, retention, and graduation rates, AAPI undergraduate students appear to be among the most academically successful on our campus.  These numbers, however, render both marginal and invisible the diverse and critical issues and needs of not only AAPI undergraduate and graduate students on campus, but also AAPI staff and faculty -- including the prevalence of mental health issues within the AAPI student population, the lack of AAPI representation in senior management, and the disproportionate number of AAPI faculty in comparison to the student body at large. 

How is AAPISC structured?

AAPISC is governed by a standing committee of 10-15 undergraduate and graduate student, staff, and faculty members who serve as an oversight committee to its subcommittees.  

How do I get involved with AAPISC?

Members of the AAPISC Standing Committee are recruited by an “open call” nomination and self-nomination process to the campus community via the Office of the VCEI in the spring semester.  

For additional information about AAPISC, please contact:

Marcia Gee Riley, AAPISC Co-Chair: 
Dr. Lisa Hirai Tsuchitani, AAPISC Co-Chair:
Villy Somthida, Office of the VCEI:

Launch of the Pacific Islander Studies Library Guide.

Celebrating the launch of the UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Library Critical Pacific Islander Studies Library Research Guide. Photo by Thomas Manglona.

Members of the standing committee at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies Program - November 2019.

Standing Committee members at the AAADS 50th Anniversary Event, November 2019

Inaugural meeting with Chancellor Carol Christ on April 30, 2020.  Due to shelter-in-place orders, the meeting was held via Zoom.

 Inaugural meeting with the Chancellor April 30, 2020.

AAPISC student members who graduated Spring Semester 2020

AAPISC student members who graduated Spring Semester 2020