Celebrating National Transfer Student Week 2023

National Transfer Student Week is an annual event dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the unique experiences, achievements, and challenges faced by transfer students.

Did you know that transfer students make up about 21% of our undergraduate population at UC Berkeley? (Source: University of California, 2023)

Transfer students are not only integral to our community; they bring with them distinctive features and experiences that enrich the fabric of our campus in countless ways:

First-Generation Trailblazers

Incoming transfer students are twice as likely to be the first in their family to earn a college degree, with 44% proudly breaking new ground, compared to 22% of new freshmen. Their journey is not only one of personal accomplishment but also a testament to the transformative power of education.

Independence and Resilience

Transfer students often embody independence, with many managing their educational pursuits without family financial support. Their resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to all, highlighting the importance of self-reliance in achieving one's dreams.

Diverse Paths and Backgrounds

Our transfer students encompass military veterans, parents, and re-entry students, each bringing their unique life experiences and perspectives. They represent the diverse tapestry of life journeys that converge at UC Berkeley, enhancing the depth and breadth of our intellectual discourse.

Champions of Diversity

Transfer students are more likely to be members of historically underrepresented groups in higher education, accounting for 27% of our transfer population compared to 18% of students who entered as freshmen. This demonstrates their role as champions of diversity and inclusion, actively contributing to the diversification of our academic community.

Our commitment to transfer students is deeply ingrained in our mission to provide an inclusive and diverse educational environment. This year's theme, "Full Steam Ahead!" embodies our dedication to ensuring that transfer students have a smooth and unhindered journey from contemplating their transfer to achieving their educational goals.


Transfer admissions to UC Berkeley are on the riseApplications from transfer students increased by 11% over last year, a testament to ongoing efforts to serve California residents and to create an accessible pathway to Berkeley.

Student Resources

  • Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP): CEP focuses on educational equity by partnering with schools and communities, helping students prepare for college and careers.

  • Transfer Student Center: This center provides resources and support tailored to the unique needs of transfer students transitioning to UC Berkeley.

  • Re-entry Student Program: UC Berkeley's Re-entry Student Program assists individuals who are returning to college after an extended break, offering guidance and support to help them achieve their academic goals.

  • Cal Veteran Services Center: This center is dedicated to serving student veterans by providing resources and support to help them excel academically and transition successfully into civilian life.

  • Student Parent Center: Supporting the needs of student parents, this center offers resources and services to help them balance academics and family responsibilities.

  • Sharer Scholars Foundation: The Sharer Scholars Foundation provides scholarships and support for deserving students pursuing their education at UC Berkeley.

  • Starting Point Mentorship Program: This program connects eligible community college students with current UC Berkeley student mentors who offer guidance, motivation, and insights to campus resources. The program runs on per semester basis. There is an application at the beginning of each (Fall & Spring) semester. 
  • Experience BerkeleyExperience Berkeley is a program that aims to increase and retain Black and/or African American, Latinx, or Native American California community  college transfer students at UC Berkeley. We provide students with UC application resources and tools necessary to apply and transfer to UC Berkeley. 
  • Miller Scholars Program: The George A. Miller Scholars Program offers ten low-income, first-generation community college transfer students at UC Berkeley the chance to enhance leadership, research, and community service skills over two years, supported by individualized attention and scholarships of up to $6,000 annually. Scholars choose between academic research or community service tracks and spend a year developing these skills before conducting projects with faculty mentors, followed by preparation for post-graduation pursuits in their chosen field.


National Transfer Student Week event flyer

Chancellor Christ: "One in five of our enrolled undergraduate students are transfers"

Chancellor Carol Christ celebrates transfer students at UC Berkeley

In this video, UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ celebrates National Transfer Student Week 2023, emphasizing the vital role transfer students play in enriching the campus community: "On behalf of the entire campus community, I want to convey to past, present, and future transfer students that you are an essential, valued, and inseparable part of all that makes Berkeley, Berkeley…of all that sets us apart from the higher education crowd."

Anchor House dedicated to transfer students

Image of Anchor House

In the fall of 2024, we are excited to open Anchor House, a beautiful residential facility with over 750 beds dedicated to transfer students. This new space will provide even more opportunities for transfer students to connect and thrive.

Staff and Faculty Resources

  • Transfer Student Success Group - Community of Practice: This collaborative community brings together faculty, staff, and administrators to share best practices, ideas, and strategies for enhancing the academic and social success of transfer students at UC Berkeley. Join the mailing list.
  • Joint Senate-Administration Task Force on the Transfer Student Experience: This task force is a collaborative effort between the academic Senate and the university administration, dedicated to enhancing the experience of transfer students at UC Berkeley. It aims to identify and address key challenges and opportunities to ensure a smooth transition and academic success for transfer students.

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