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Background image: Laverne Cox

Since many of our initial impressions of people come through how they look - cosmetic, culture, race and identity, for example - we've chosen to have each storyteller remain anonymous. In order to capture authentic stories with no interpretation, we do not guide the storytelling, nor do we do major editing to the conversation. We do though clean up a bit with light editing.

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Beginning at the End | Produced by Evan Sheahan

In this inaugural podcast, two UC Berkeley students - one a second year and the other a recent graduate, discuss the importance of stories and share their own.

Graphic art of an undocumented student wondering about the future.

Resistance Through Persistence |Produced by Justin Loew

In Episode 2, we talk with an undocumented 5th-year Mechanical Engineering student, who details his struggles with courses, finances, finding resources and fitting in.

Windows and Mirrors podcast Episode 3 - Kintsugi: Piecing Life Together

Kintsugi: Piecing Life Together

In Episode 3, we talk with a 4th year Psychology student describing here experience at Cal, as it resembles the art of Kintsugi - piecing life together.

Windows and Mirrors podcast Episode 4 - Resist


In Episode 3, of Windows and Mirrors, we talk with a 4th year student who is leveraging his university experience to help educate and inform the residents of his home town.