Diversity Consulting and Facilitation

The Division of Equity & Inclusion offers organizational consulting, facilitation and training to help departments with a broad range of emerging challenges and opportunities.

These may include:

  • addressing diversity-related tensions
  • strengthening intergroup relationships
  • building shared, core values around equity, inclusion and diversity
  • developing outreach and recruitment strategies to increase diversity in the department
  • assessing and improving departmental climate 
  • creating more inclusive classroom or workplace practices
  • understanding and supporting underrepresented populations
  • working on issues of power and privilege
  • addressing unconcsious bias
  • increasing attention to experiences of race, gender, LGBTQ identity, disability, and/or other identities 
  • preventing or addressing sexual harassment 
  • improving mentorship
  • addressing negative classroom or workplace incidents
  • strategic planning for equity, inclusion and diversity
  • and more

Our work draws on cutting edge research as well as on the strengths of the groups we serve. All projects incorporate respect for a broad range of backgrounds, identities and community experiences, including attention to race, ethnicity, gender equity, gender identity, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, immigrant experience, age and other aspects of diversity. 

Each scope of work is customized to the needs of the groups involved.

For more information or to set up a consultation or training, please contact Amy Scharf, Director of Faculty and Departmental Diversity Initiatives at ascharf@berkeley.edu or 510-642-8844.