Celebrating Arab American Heritage Month 2024

This Arab American Heritage Month, we recognize and honor the diverse backgrounds and faiths, vibrant traditions, and commitment to the community of Arab Americans. 

Doaa Dorgham with Berkeley students from the SSWANA Initiative

How using ‘love as resistance’ can bring collective liberation

Berkeley News spoke with Doaa Dorgham recently about the importance of celebrating Arab American Heritage Month, and what the road map is to bringing about “big change.”

Flyer for lets talk about Palestine coordinated by the department of middle eastern languages and cultures co-sponsored by: ethn

Lets' Talk About Palestine

A four-part teach-in series coordinated by the University of California's Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures.

Photo of Muna and her son talking to an operator worker across a window from the film Amreeka

Curated recommendations and resources

Restaurant picks that will transport your taste buds, must-read books that offer a deep dive into Arab American experiences and more!

students huddled for a group photo from the Arab and MENA Communities

Arab Student Orgs at Cal

Meet Students from the Arab and MENA Communities

Exploring Arab American Heritage: Contributions, Impact, and Recognition

Whether it is through their cultural heritage and faith, their contributions to the arts, sciences, and humanities, or their advocacy for social justice and equality, the Arab American community have made immeasurable impacts on our nation's history and identity.

From Mohamed Atalla's invention of the metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET), revolutionizing modern electronics, to Elias James Corey's groundbreaking work in organic chemistry, which earned him the Nobel Prize, their ingenuity has propelled technological advancements. Additionally, figures like Danny Thomas, founder of St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and Tony Shalhoub, an Emmy-winning actor, have left an enduring cultural legacy, while the culinary expertise of Arab American entrepreneurs, like owners of restaurants and bakeries, has reshaped the American culinary landscape.

Source: Expressing support for the recognition of April as National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM) and celebrating the heritage and culture of Arab Americans in the United States

News and Research

  • Let's Talk about Palestine: A four-part teach-in series coordinated by the University of California's Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures.
  • Coming to America: an exhibit curated by the Arab American National Museum

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