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Which category should I use in ServiceNow? 11/24/15
Which E&I forms should I use in ServiceNow? 11/24/15

A tip for approvals: for HR actions you may get original signatures on the forms OR you may handle the approval process through email (except for IOCs). Just be sure to save the email with all the appropriate approvals as a pdf and attach it to your ServiceNow request.

Also, when submitting service requests to ServiceNow​ please use the following "naming convention" for your ​subject lines: Service request needed, Employee Last Name, First Name, Department Name or Home Org Code. 

Recruitment and hiring

Resources & References

Staff Recruitment Request Form 10/12/16
Student Recruitment Request Form 11/10/16
Appointment Form for Staff 10/12/16
Appointment Form for Students 11/16/16
Mass Hires (10 or more individuals completing paperwork at same time) 06/08/15
List of I9 acceptable documents 06/08/15
Position Management Form 09/09/16
IOC Form 08/26/14

Criminal background checks (CBC):

  • All E&I staff: Use the modified IOC for UCPD form instead (updated 7/07/16). Fill in the highlighted fields. Important: a wet signature is required on IOC forms. 
  • CEP staff only: Effective 08/28/14, you must follow the CBC Instructions for CEP

HR actions

Appointment Change Form chartstring distribution changes, student appointment extensions, etc. 11/30/16
Volunteer Form 06/21/16
Leaves of Absence
Separation all separations should now be completed by using the ServiceNow web platform 6/30/16
Supervisor Change 11/23/15


Resources & References

E&I Friendly Names 11/10/15
CalTime terminal locations in E&I (map) 10/31/14
Paper Timecards (CSS instructions and form)

Small delegation requests are now submitted via a Google Form: Non-Exempt | Exempt

Once you have completed and submitted the form, it will be escalated to the CalTime Admins for processing. The turnaround on processing these requests is typically two to three business days. After the request has been processed, another 24-48 hours are usually required before the delegation is active in CalTime.

CSS is the Timekeeper for all E&I programs. For CalTime technical support, email or call the CalTime Help Desk at Campus Shared Services: (510) 664-9000 (press option 5 for CalTime support).


What Forms Should I Use?
A BearBuy job aid that lists transaction types and the appropriate form to use for each. 11/05/14
Deposit Request For use by programs that forward cash and checks to Tonia Williams. (non-CEP only) 03/11/13
Payroll Expense Transfer Request For a larger request with multiple entries please use the Mass PET Request form instead.



BFS Accounts and Description A list of commonly-used BFS account codes. Tip: use the Find feature in Acrobat to search for keywords (e.g., computer, printing, meals, travel, etc.) to help locate appropriate codes. An Excel version is also available. 09/18/14
Systems and Training handout A one-page handout with a list of frequently-used campus systems and where to find online training and/or help for those systems. 10/21/14


Event request form for the Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion's calendar 10/17/16
E&I Approvers spreadsheet (this list determines who has the authority to approve different transaction types in your programs and is used as a reference by our CSS partners) 02/01/16
E&I Home Dept Org Nodes 08/7/15

E&I Procedures Job Aid
Note: Some of the business and HR procedures have been updated since the production of this guide. And there have been changes in the approvers for many programs. However, it is still a useful job aid that covers interfacing with CSS in the areas of B&FS, HR, and IT. (Tip: print double-sided on 11x17" paper.) If you don't see your program listed below, simply download the generic version, which has the same content with the exception of the approvers list.

Generic versions:

Personalized versions:

Guide to Contacting Shared Services (1 page list of CSS and E&I liaisons) 10/23/14
Research Administration Process: CSS-RA detailed procedure | CSS-RA workflow 03/25/15
CEP Procurement Process 08/11/14
CEP Procurement Process Examples 08/11/14

Position Control

Position Control for the Berkeley campus is now in effect (as of July 1, 2016). Leadership review and approval is required for all staff positions in Equity & Inclusion including career, limited appointment, and employment contract positions. Also subject to position control are employment contract extensions and contract and grant positions that are moved to central funds for more than 6 months. The goal of position control is to ​​manage staff salary costs to a decrease of approximately 500 positions by the end of 2019.

Excluded from position control are positions fully funded by contracts and grants; academic positions; and student appointments.

Campus guidelines:

E&I process and instructions

An E&I Position Authorization Request form (updated 7/6/17) must be completed for any request(s) by managers and their executive directors/unit heads. An internal work-flow process will be posted by mid-August.

Please direct any questions to Control Unit Administrator/HR Manager Debbie Fong at