The diversity of California is alive at UC Berkeley with excellent students coming from every corner of the state, whether from poverty or privilege, to contribute to the intellectual vitality of this leading public university. Living, working, and studying successfully in a dynamic, multicultural community requires an ongoing commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity. The Division of Equity & Inclusion (E&I) is committed to expanding opportunities, addressing disparities, improving the campus climate, and advancing scholarly work on diversity to create a model of a truly equitable university.

Established in 2007 by Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, E&I is exploring and implementing new ways to expand pathways from kindergarten through college — ensuring that the best and brightest students regardless of family background or economic means have an opportunity to attend and to thrive here at Berkeley. E&I is actively and creatively breaking down barriers of race, class, gender, ability, and sexual orientation to improve the campus climate for all community members. Through the Haas Diversity Research Center, E&I is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to advance multidisciplinary research and teaching on educational, economic, and health disparities, LGBTQ and disability rights, and more.

Gifts from our alumni and friends will ensure that Berkeley can be a national leader in developing and promoting new ways to cultivate equity, inclusion, and diversity on campus and beyond. Your partnership and investment in the Campaign for Berkeley helps us to change lives and communities.