The Race, Diversity and Educational Policy Cluster focuses on two closely related areas: policy and school reform related to educational inequality; and student context, community collaboration and policy impacts.


Na'ilah Nasir
Distinguished Cluster Chair of Race, Diversity and Educational Policy and Associate Professor, African American Studies

Janelle Scott
Graduate School of Education

“We are facing a level of inequality in access to quality schooling that is unprecedented in recent history. In a time of increasing residential and school segregation, the rise of neoliberal reforms and inequality in all facets of society, a focus on educational disparities is critical to understanding and addressing how schooling has the potential to reproduce or to disrupt the inequalities of broader society.”

-Na'ilah Nasir


Mark Brilliant
Dept of History
Christopher Edley, Jr.
Berkeley School of Law
Lisa Garcia Bedolla
Graduate School of Education
Michael J. Dumas
Graduate School of Education & African American Studies
Norton Grubb
Graduate School of Education
Kris Gutiérrez
Graduate School of Education

Rucker Johnson
Goldman School of Public Policy

Zeus Leonardo
Graduate School of Education
Jabari Mahiri
Graduate School of Education
Tina Trujillo
Graduate School of Education

*Passed away Jan. 15, 2015. "We are incredibly saddened by the loss of Cluster founding member Norton Grubb. He was truly a force for issues of educational equity on our campus, an innovative thinker, a provocateur extraordinaire, and a passionate and caring colleague. He will be greatly missed," Cluster Chair Na'ilah Nasir said.