LGBTQ Citizenship

LGBTQ Citizenship is organized around three themes, each of which reflects issues essential to full citizenship: Cultural Citizenship (the distribution of a sense of belonging, the circulation of diverse representations of citizenship, the way citizenship is encoded in various types of discourse); Family and Kinship (rights to and experiences of family and community, as well as rights to and experiences of the different entitlementsassociated with legalized forms of kinship); and Human Rights (formal and informal access to recourse against discriminatory treatment, and to processes supporting participation, inclusion, and various kinds of equality of voice and resources). Through the cluster, we seek to produce scholarship that will redefine the field, shaping discourse and representations in multiple spheres. We will pursue ways to disseminate this scholarship so that it can influence public perceptions and assist in decision making in regards to urgently needed policy interventions, and we will advocate for improved social, political and material conditions for LGBTQ populations through partnerships with campus and community organizations. In the process, we aim to have Berkeley set the standard for pedagogic and institutional excellence in the field of LGBTQ studies.

Faculty Members