The Intersection of Social Consciousness and Happiness

By: Ry Walker | Haas Institute Summer Fellow 2015

August 5, 2015

Is it possible to be both socially conscious and happy? This is the question I continue to ask myself. After having officially completed the first half of my college career, I can say that I have changed drastically. I have figuratively awoken into my social and political consciousness, though as I think about it, there were a number of defining moments during both middle and high school that challenged the way I viewed the world. One such moment occurred during my junior year in high school.

Housing segregation and the American Dream: Reflections on the Supreme Court’s historic decision in the Texas housing case

by Stephen Menendian

This post originally appeared on the Berkeley Blog.

Housing remains the centerpiece of the American Dream. Housing is not only a place to live, but is also a conduit and hub to an array of public and private resources, from neighborhood and community schools to businesses, parks and services.