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6 policies to reduce economic inequality

Following the Inequality Policy Brief, here are six ways to minimize the rising economic inequality prevalent in the United States. Haas Institute Director john a. powell discusses why these policies will work in slowing the growth in inequality.

Rhetoric of racism, from Ferguson to Palestine

During the recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, I was struck by the similarities in media narratives of the black and Palestinian experiences. There is nothing new about the nature of these stories, but perhaps the parallels seem more striking given that the fatal shooting in Ferguson and the recent devastation of Gaza happened concurrently. And, no doubt, social media has played a role in opening space for mutual solidarity in ongoing struggles against violence and oppression, which brings people closer and weaves their stories together.

The new age of segregation

Although America's public schools will be "majority minority" for the first time in history, these institutions are just as segregated as ever, with many studies showing that black and brown students remain geographically and socially separated from their white and Asian peers.

Either we fight for our lives, Ferguson, and the future of the United States ... or we all die

Stephanie Llanes and Jamal Ubuntu argue there are three fights we must win in Ferguson and the United States: taking money out of politics; ending racial and economic segregation; and ending violence against all people, especially the oppressed. Otherwise, we will all die.