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Growing Up Thug

By: Joseph Phelan

When I was in high school, I wore combat boots with white laces, cuffed jeans, a studded belt, a ripped t-shirt, and I dyed my hair green. After the last bell and before my job stocking shelves, I hung out with a small crew of skinheads from another school. They considered themselves anti-racist; half of them were Jewish.

King's evolving Dream

By: Director john a. powell

It is that time to pause and think about the incredible life and contributions of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., oftentimes referred to as MLK. He was named Michael King Jr. after his father — who later changed both their names to Martin Luther, in honor of the religious reformer.

Mandela's Work Is Our Own

By: Director john a. powell

On December 5th, the world lost not only a wise and inspiring leader, but a wonderful person in Nelson Mandela. Touching virtually all of our lives, he not only changed the course of world history, but he left us with a vision for change that we must continue to work to make a reality wherever we are. Like so many others, I want to give pause and pay tribute to President Mandela, who inspired me many years ago and continues to do so today.