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Class explores prejudice, stigma

More than 200 undergraduate students and two dozen staff members took a spring semester class that encouraged them to share and explore their most uncomfortable experiences of stigma and prejudice, including how it feels to be privileged and/or white. The class is among 30 new or revised American Cultures courses with an emphasis on community engagement.

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Staff Focus

Angela White

"The best way to decrease prejudice is to have contact — close contact in a collaborative setting — with those in 'other' groups. It has been proven that the workplace is the best place for this change."

 — Angela "Bobby" White, instructional designer in the training and support group, Educational Technology Services. Student in Psychology 167 (Stigma & Prejudice), Spring 2011.

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Cal launches groundbreaking disability research initiative

UC Berkeley — viewed by many as the birthplace of the disability rights movement — today announced plans for a sweeping new research initiative that will make the university a worldwide leader in disability studies. UC Berkeley will create two new faculty positions, including an endowed faculty chair funded by a gift from Colleen and Robert D. Haas, to galvanize and lead the multidisciplinary initiative. "It's meaningful that this is happening here at Berkeley," said Susan Schweik, a UC Berkeley English professor and co-chair of the initiative. Read more…

Worrell wins Chancellor's Award for pioneering education efforts

Frank C. Worrell

UC Berkeley professor Frank C. Worrell has won the 2011 Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence. Worrell has been a key leader and co-founder of Cal Prep, the model secondary school for low-income, first-to-college students who come primarily from ethnic and racial groups underrepresented in higher education. Read more…

Campus recognizes new milestone for women deans

Women Deans

The number of women who are academic deans at UC Berkeley is the highest in campus history — an achievement celebrated in April at the Women's Faculty Club. "We wanted to do something to celebrate the unbelievable strides of women on campus," said Ingrid Seyer-Ochi, an assistant professor of education. Read more…

Mujahid investigates the link: our neighborhoods and our health

Mahasin Mujahid

Mahasin Mujahid lights up when she talks about her students in the School of Public Health where she is leading efforts to understand health disparities, as part of the Haas Diversity Research Center. "They are not just students," says Mujahid, an assistant professor of epidemiology. "They are creative and critical thinkers who want to save the world! I wanted to be part of a place that produced students like that." Mujahid's research examines neighborhood attributes that give rise to diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and other factors linked to heart disease. Read more…


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