STEM Equity and Inclusion Initiative

Background image: Biochem lab

The Division of Equity & Inclusion aims to deepen campus impact by strengthening and supporting UC Berkeley's STEM diversity programs.

Over the next year, we will be in a planning phase of the initiative that consists of data collection, data analysis, the development of working groups, and working collectively to build recommendations and vision for the implementation of the initiative.


  • Describe the nature of the STEM diversity pipeline on our campus.

  • Support key stakeholders in creating an outward-facing campus vision around STEM diversity.

  • Help build resources for programs on campus.


  • Landscape all STEM diversity programming at UC Berkeley. We aim to generate a clearinghouse of STEM diversity programs. This includes any current programming that aims to increase the diversity at any level (K-12, undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, faculty) in a STEM field. We also welcome ideas or beginning plans for programs.

  • Develop working groups based around trends and patterns from the collected information.

  • Create a campus-wide vision based on the needs and recommendations of the working groups.


  • Data collection took place from July to October 2016 and resulted in 118 programs eligible for analysis.

  • Initial results show the STEM fields, targeted and benefited constituencies, and groups from underserved communities that are addressed in the wide-breadth of programs. Summarized here.

  • More in-depth data analysis is in progress.

  • Recommendations from stakeholders on identified opportunities from the data analysis will be collected and analyzed.

  • A community gathering on May 2nd for invited guests will include an overview of the initiative, data analysis, and collected recommendations from stakeholders.

If you have any questions about the initiative, please contact Shaila Kotadia.