2010–2011 Funded Projects

The priorities for the BILD 2010-11 cycle are:

  • Partnership: Encourage and foster new collaborations and alliances.
  • Access: Develop staff's knowledge of how to identify career paths and the requirements for related growth positions.
  • Inclusion: Develop strategies that result in improving the inclusiveness of the campus workplace environment.
  • Staff Development: Enhance the methods available to improve the skills needed for successful career growth, including best practices for staff diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Programs and Project Leaders:

Reducing Intergenerational Conflict
University Health Services (UHS) will contract with the UC Berkeley Interactive Theater Project (ITP) to design and perform three distinct scenarios to explore solutions to cross-generational challenges that affect the health care delivery and work environment at UHS.  This project will directly benefit 257 career staff employed at UHS, as well as the over 2500 faculty / staff who annually use UHS for medical and mental health services. The project will increase awareness, dialogue, and understanding of the cross-generational dynamics present in our multigenerational workforce, and the youthful population served.

Project Leader: Paula Flamm, UHS SOS Manager
Email: pflamm@uhs.berkeley.edu

GSI Diversity Mentorship Program
This program in partnership with the Biology Scholars Program (BSP) and the GSI Teaching and Resource Center, will specifically train and support GSIs, develop partnerships among the 14 departments, and promote equity and inclusion in their intra-staff and staff-student interactions. Scaffolding for continuous diversity awareness in the form of Diversity Mentors for new GSIs will also be provided. The project will serve as a model for other large-enrollment courses at the Teaching and Resource Center 2010 Spring Seminar for Faculty and published on their website for faculty who teach with GSIs.

Project Leader: Jessica Shade, Integrative Biology Graduate Student Instructor
Email: shade@berkeley.edu

Bridging Cultures in the Workplace at UC Berkeley
This project will present between four and six half-day staff development trainings for UC Berkeley staff entitled-“Bridging Cultures in the Workplace”. Trainings will draw on highly acclaimed, licensed intercultural tools and techniques established by Cultural Detective, which convened a “train the trainers” session at I-House in June 2010. Project leaders that were certified in June, 2010  will be on hand along with a Cultural Detective trainer/author (that will be hired with BILD funding) to co-facilitate the workshops. 

A minimum of four maximum of six workshops of 20–40 staff will be conducted (120–240 participants). Workshops will engage participants in self-reflection to examine their own “cultural lens” and, through interactive exercises, examine how cultural differences can pose challenges to working teams and/or be leveraged to enrich a workplace via intercultural sensitivity, appreciation, and inclusion.

Project Leader:  Breidi Truscott, Events Coordinator, I-House 
Email: breidit@berkeley.edu

Facilities Services History and Heritage Months
This project’s aim is to have monthly Potlucks featuring guest speakers, so that employees will have the opportunity to commune with food as they learn about a particular culture for that month or discuss issues of diversity in Facilities Services. The project leaders will reach out to campus organizations such as the Multicultural Student Development (MSD), RSSP (who have a similar population demographic as Facilities Services), Alianza, Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance APASA), Black Staff and Faculty Organization (BSFO), LavenderCal, Native American Staff council and Equity & Inclusion (E & I) . An advisory committee will be formed to help with the planning and selection of topics for informal discussions.

Project Leaders: Anotoinette Conteh, Human Resource Specialist and Zandra LeDuff, Director Human Resources and Administrative Services
Email: fidelia@berkeley.edu; zleduff@cp.berkeley.edu

Expanding Access and Inclusion for People with Disabilities
This proposal is to create a model staff training program which all UC Berkeley staff entities can eventually utilize. The training program will increase University employee confidence and capability to more completely serve students with disabilities as a matter of routine. By developing this proposed training program for existing staff, current University employees will become better prepared on a wide range of disability issues, thereby increasing their competency when working with these students.

This training program will educate staff on the wide range of needs of people with disabilities, addressing assumptions about people with disabilities, etc. The project will help to promote greater access and full inclusion for students with disabilities at the organizational unit level.  Training will also constitute staff development and help staff cultivate skills that are helpful for career growth.  In addition, the kinds of disabilities people have are extremely wide-ranging, encompassing everything from non-apparent learning disabilities to physical impairments such as cerebral palsy.  As such, the staff will cultivate transferrable skills for working with people with wide ranging needs.
Project Leader: Paul Hippolitus, Director Disabled Students Program
Email: hippolitus@berkeley.edu