Vice Chancellor Na'ilah Nasir

Vice Chancellor Na'ilah Nasir

Vice Chancellor Na'ilah Nasir

Dr. Na'ilah Suad Nasir was appointed by Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks as the second Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, at UC Berkeley in August 2015. Nasir began her term on November 1, 2015. She oversees an operation that includes 150 full-time staff and an annual operating budget of $20 million.

Nasir was recently the H. Michael and Jeanne Williams Chair of African American Studies, and holds the Birgeneau Chair in Educational Disparities in the Graduate School of Education. Nasir is a Professor in the School of Education and the Department of African-American Studies. She joined the Berkeley faculty in 2008 from the School of Education at Stanford University, where she won the St. Claire Drake Teaching Award in 2007.

She is the author of Racialized Identities: Race and achievement for African-American youth, published by the Stanford University Press in 2011. Nasir’s research examines the racialized and cultural nature of learning and schooling. She is interested in the intertwining of social, cultural, and political contexts and learning, especially in connection with inequity in educational outcomes. She has also published over 30 articles in scholarly journals.

Nasir has also been an integral member of the Resident Faculty Program where Berkeley faculty integrate themselves into student life and provide support for students by living alongside them in the residence halls. In this role, she has worked with Resident Faculty colleagues to promote academic achievement and to create an inclusive and comfortable community that encourages personal growth and development. She received a teaching award from the African American Student Development Office in 2011, and she strives to integrate her scholarly work with her commitment to community and engaged scholarship.

She received her BA in 1993 from Berkeley (Social Welfare and Psychology) and her PhD in 2000 from UCLA (Psychological Studies in Education).

Leader as Storyteller: Na'ilah Nasir

"...if there’s any place that you kind of push back against these bigger societal mechanisms and create, in some ways, a microcosm that fulfills our national ideals, it’s a college campus, and it’s Berkeley."

— Na'ilah Nasir, Vice Chancellor of Equity & Inclusion